Support for your mental health that is
grounded in the body

Tina provides therapy to individuals as a psychotherapist registered in the state of Vermont. She has graduate level training in Clinical Mental Health, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Somatic Experiencing, body based approaches to processing trauma and bringing regulation into the nervous system. Telehealth and in-person appointments are sometimes available at her office at Wellspring Mental Health and Wellness Center in Hardwick, Vermont (pictured). Medicaid and private payment arrangements are currently accepted.

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Somatic Experiencing (SE™) is a body-oriented therapeutic model applied in multiple professions and professional settings—psychotherapy, medicine, coaching, teaching, and physical therapy—for healing trauma and other stress disorders. It is based on a multidisciplinary intersection of physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics and has been clinically applied for more than four decades.

" The human nervous system is profoundly alive, interdependent, and interconnected. Once activated, even our DNA code has the potential to upgrade (consider the impact of trauma clearing on epigenetics). As we come to see the elegance of what we are, we understand that we were never truly separate. We learn to wire and strengthen our connection to one another and to our world. Activated and bonded, we may discover that we’ve had within us, all along, profound seeds for conscious healing and amplified intelligence and many capacities for bridging beyond the body or integrating and utilizing it in transcended forms."

                                                                  - Thomas Hübl