a personalized approach

Private Yoga Instruction

With private yoga lessons, you'll get personalized instruction based on your health goals, body type and lifestyle. Access the support you need on your schedule. My approach is trauma informed and can complement or incorporate therapy. I am trained in somatic trauma therapy and am a practicing psychotherapist registered in Vermont. Focusing my skills and years of training and experience directly on your learning can help: 


  • establish a home practice

  • complement athletics and decrease recovery time

  • overcome an injury

  • transition out of physical therapy

  • support your unique body type

  • reach your wellness goals

  • sleep better

  • establish good habits that last a lifetime

  • balance your moon cycle

  • manage pain and anxiety

  • bring regulation to the nervous system

  • live more fully in the present moment

Whether you are interested in learning some new poses, finding relief, or bringing deep transformation to your life, my individualized services can unleash the power of practice. Set up a free consultation with me today! 

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